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TeamTracer®: Accountability. Personnel Management. Tracking. ID.

Identify and Manage your Personnel at Fire and Emergency Scenes

TeamTracer® is an affordable software and hardware package that provides Fire Department Safety Officers and Incident Commanders with an easy-to-use and effective way to identify personnel and manage their assignments when attending Fire and Emergency Scenes.
TeamTracer® provides the following capabilities:
  • Permanent or temporary badge creation
  • Database of personal information (medical, next-of-kin, etc.)
  • Central database storage for multiple site management
  • Easy assignment and re-assignment of personnel at Fire and Emergency Scenes
  • Monitoring of time on site
  • Assignment reports and event archiving
  • Simple, intuitive interface
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How Can TeamTracer® help me manage my team?

It is becoming increasingly important to know who is present at Fire and Emergency Scenes. Unauthorized personnel can represent a liability to the organization as a whole, and a danger to other authorized individuals.

Therefore it is essential to put in place a mechanism for identifying authorized individuals and keeping track of where they were assigned on site and when. All authorized personnel at Fire and Emergency Scenes should be provided with quality identification badges which readily confirm their identity and are resistant to forgery or tampering.

TeamTracer and the line of Magicard PVC printers can provide this functionality. Not only should these badges provide ready identification to humans, but they should also provide electronic means of identifying the individual to the personnel management system. TeamTracer can use bar-code, magnetic stripe or proximity technology to automate this process.

When a firemen arrives at a Fire and Emergency Scenes, his Incident Commander will have him swipe his card into the system and assignment him to a location at the scene. TeamTracer will keep track of how long the individual has been at a given location, permitting the Incident Commander to keep track of time-sensitive activities like Breathing Apparatus use.

The Incident Commander can easily re-assign a firefighter to another location during the course of the event, thus maintaining a detailed record of all personnel assignments. When a fireman leaves the site he swipes his badge and TeamTracer notes the fact that he is no longer on site. As a result, TeamTracer can easily create reports of who is currently on site, where they were assigned, and how long they have been there.

TeamTracer has many more features than we have described here. TeamTracer can provide your team with an important tool to manage your personnel, without involving a large expediture or steep learning curve. Contact us today! You can obtain a demonstration copy here. If you would like to speak with a sales representative, please call 800-856-4735.

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